What’s the right time to use a VPN service?

The ways in which a VPN can be used for connecting offices have often been discussed in e-books and forums. You may consider utilizing any specific enterprise protection method while using a public network. However, with time it has become clearly evident that the VPN technology is more effective in connecting two LANs over such a network. A VPN server usually runs on any dedicated hardware appliance, a server, or within a router.


Consumer VPN services usually have two important cases like that of location spoofing and safeguarding data. Data protection is certainly more important, but you can’t keep your eyes off spoofing. Your cyber cafe, library, restaurant, and hotel might provide you with Wi-Fi connectivity whenever you’re away from your residence or workplace. At times, you may simply need to put a password for using such a Wi-Fi. Again, you may find a service that’s entirely open. In both these cases, you can’t really guess who all are accessing the same network with you. It becomes quite difficult for you to understand how your traffic may be tracked by these people.

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